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Chinese society of inertial technology photoelectric technology professional committee of the 11th academic exchanges will from 30 to 31 October 2014 will be held in Wuhan Hetian Hotel, the meeting will be organized by China Electronics Technology Group Corporation No. 26 research sponsored, Wuhan Changying through photoelectric technology Co., Ltd. in association with, the preparatory work of the Congress is currently progressing smoothly, the number of participants and scale than in previous years, is expected to will have nearly a hundred delegates all over the country. This meeting will communicate and demonstrate the research results of China's photovoltaic technology in recent years, and promote the great development of China's inertial technology. It is learned that the meeting...
November 2, 2011, China fog Industry Alliance preparatory meeting was successfully held in Optics Valley, Wuhan, the meeting on the establishment of China fog industry alliance and other issues discussed. The establishment of the alliance aims to further enhance the industrial and technological level of China's fiber optic gyro industry, and to strengthen the internal relations and sustainable development capacity of the industry. At the end of 2010, all units in the industry have begun to establish industry alliance preparatory work for fiber optic gyroscope. After nearly a year of preparation, breaking the obstacles, to break the barriers of communication industry, eventually invited to the industry more than 50 units, hundreds of leading expert at this time in China, Optics V...
Accompanied by Nanjing Panda 8.5 generation line, BOE 8.5-generation line, Huaxing Electric Shenzhen Second 8.5 generation line has announced the production, China has become the global important production base of the panel. At the same time, by the end of this year, the domestic production of 8.5 generation production line or will reach 8, experts believe that in the face of so many 8.5 generation line, traditional TFT - LCD panel (that is, the film transistor LCD is in the active matrix type liquid crystal display a) industry will be faced with the risk, and AMOLED (active matrix organic light-emitting diode panel, is an epoch-making display technology) will be the next step of investment focus. Behind the domestic panel production line has been put into production, the global pane...
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Exposing source1.7W 405nm LED or 1.8W 385nm LEDNonuniformity of exposureMaximum sample size20*20mmSingle exposure size0.075 inch(10X Objective lense)Minimum resolution2μm(10X Objective lense)Lens magnification2X,5X,10XAuto focus accuracy500nmAutomatic leveling precision30’Optional featuresExposure stitching, arbitrary polarization direction exposureTiling precision of exposure 1μmPolarization contrast100:1(405nm)Linear polarization direction accuracy±0.2°Appearance size5400mm(length)*400mm(width)*380mm(height)
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The State Administration for Industry and Commerce on September 4, announced that from now on to the end of 2015, will be within the scope of the key field of household electronic appliances, clothing shoes and hats, decorative decoration materials, transport, and other related services to carry out consumer rights.In recent years, the relevant complaints of household electronic appliances has been among the first total consumer complaints. The business sector will be home appliances, communications equipment, computers and other goods to focus on and solve product quality is uneven, no after-sales service guarantee and service quality poor outstanding problems, yijiachongzhen, shoddy, false labeling violations should be investigated and dealt with according to. Clothing shoes and hats is ...
June 18, approved by the Ministry of civil affairs "China household appliances Service Association extended warranty service professional committee" (referred to as the extension of the insurance committee) was established in Beijing. According to reports, the Chinese home appliance service maintenance association on the basis of the research on the international enterprise appliance extended warranty service, forming a set of plans to promote the extension of the security services in china.Since 2007 since the to support the new ANN, Assurant from American international warranty professional company in China to open up the market, hold appliances extended warranty services forum; in 2011, the Association issued a "home appliance warranty service is normative" guild reg...
Recently, Malaysia's energy committee adjusted the list of mandatory certification of electrical and electronic products, electronic and electrical appliances for compulsory certification of products will be from the existing 31 increased to 34, mainly increased air conditioning, adapter / charger, massage three categories of products and the replacement of hair dryer, evaporator, mosquito repellent replacement for two kinds of electric shaver products. New mandatory product certification will be effective January 1, 2013. There are two legal basis for the certification of electronic products in Malaysia: "electricity supply law (1990)" and "the approval of electrical equipment (1994)", the two laws are implemented by the energy commission. For the former power sup...
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Date: 2014-07-01
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n  进行现场直播,超大、清晰的直播画面,打破了座位的限制,让远距离观看演出更加容易,从而为现场观众打造一场视听盛宴。

n  精彩场面、慢动作回放、特写镜头,各种舞台背景环境的随意变幻,把表演的意境发挥到极致。

n  逼真的画面与震憾的音乐完美的结合起来,营造出如梦如幻的舞台背景。


n  高分辨率及高像素密度,真实再现高清图像。

n  具有高刷新率和高灰度,使LED显示的画面更加逼真,满足商业用的高视觉品质的要求,满足不同场合的拍摄的需要,有效避免了拍摄时的闪烁现象。

n  具有感光控制系统,根据室内外光线的变化自动调节显示屏亮度,既节能环保,大大减少了您的运行成本,又可使观众更容易接受。

n  具有亮度,颜色逐点校正功能,使LED显示的画面更加丰富,满足商业用的高视觉品质的要求;并可使不同批次的的屏体混合使用。

n  高品质的航空级连接器:电源和信号线缆的接插头、接插座具备高可靠性,连接导通性好、耐插拔次数高,拔插便利迅捷;部件通用,易于识别互换。

n  超薄高精度箱体:65mm,压铸铝箱采用CNC精加工而成,其尺寸容差小于0.2mm,配合特殊的遮光设计,保证箱体间平整无缝拼接,标准化设计,可任意拼装,高档美观。

n  精巧吊挂与边锁构件:箱体互连构件强度高,不易变形,对位准确,可实现无缝拼接,易于拆装,节约人力成本。

n  产品推出有一套低功耗解决方案,可使显示屏运行时比原来节能1/3,进一步大大减少了您的运行成本。

n  配有专业音视频处理系统,支持舞台上多种信号的处理,从信号处理上保证了质量,使得播放高保真的图像信号成为可能,可实现现场直播。

n  配有各种规格的航空箱,便于箱体的存放和运输,并对LED显示屏起到了很好的保护作用。

n  户外型号防水效果好,拥有IP65的防护等级,适合在户外环境使用。

n  根据客户要求和现场环境,量身定制最合适的LED显示屏解决方案。

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